Body odour starts with certain types of sweat. Eccrine glands pour out clear, neutral-smelling sweat, which cools your body as it evaporates. Apocrine glands, concentrated in your underarms and genitals, secrete a substance that bacteria feast

Taking care of your teeth and gums means more to your health than just having a cavity-free mouth. Good oral care reduces gum disease and halitosis, and helps you avoid tooth loss. Beyond that, poor oral

You’ve seen the news stories: “Antidepressants’ ‘little effect.’’” “New study says Prozac does not work.” These were just two of many headlines this spring when a pair of studies suggested antidepressants may not help the

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. The snow in the stand of towering red pines near my home in Ignace, Ont., a couple of hundred kilometres northwest of Thunder Bay, is firmly packed by the wind, and every

It’s not your grandma’s wool Knitted and woven fabrics made from the shorn coats of sheep have been around forever, but much of today’s new wool is not what you remember. “Everyone has a concept of their

What you eat affects your blood pressure The last thing you’re probably thinking about as you dig into a delicious meal is how it will impact your blood vessels—but it’s an important consideration. More than