The Amazing Hidden Super Powers Behind Anxiety Disorders You Need To Know


Anxiety disorders are commonly associated with being a purely negative thing.

It’s no surprise, since anxiety, especially in its severe forms, can make one’s life difficult. Whatever type of anxiety disorder you may be suffering from, it’s for sure that it causes you troubles, making you unable to handle the challenges of everyday life and preventing you from enjoying some simple things that are natural to most people.


However, what if I told you that your anxiety may actually be hiding some remarkable powers? Here are some of those, based on recent scientific studies and not only.

1. Life-saving instinct

It has been long recognized that anxiety has evolutionary roots and, just like fear, originated as a means to protect our ancestors from a premature death. This was a great mechanism of survival when humans had to face constant physical threats, such as wild animals trying to eat them.

However, today, when we no longer have to deal with such situations in our daily lives, anxiety has basically become a response to non-existing dangers.

But what if this response can actually be useful and even vital in certain cases? French scientists have found that anxious people possess a unique life-saving sixth sense. According to the results of the related study, some regions of the anxious brain have the ability to detect threats just in 200 milliseconds! These fast and automatic reactions can, in fact, make the difference between life and death in extreme situations.

Anxious people are more careful and more aware of what is going on around them. This is a great life-saving ability. Anxious people have a strong gut feeling when something is about to happen, and it is important always to trust it. A study, which was published in the European Journal of Psychology found that anxious people detected danger quicker and reacted to it faster as well.

2. High intelligence

A recent study on verbal intelligence found that people who reported suffering from social anxiety performed better in verbal-linguistic testing than those who didn’t.

Another study conducted at the SUNY Downstate Medical Centre in NYC found thatparticipants suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) scored higher in an IQ test than those who didn’t have a history of anxiety.

Anxious people are analyzing and overthinking their surroundings all the time, which means their brains are constantly processing information. With these continuous thinking processes that take place in their heads, it makes sense why people who suffer from anxiety disorders have higher IQ levels.

3. Empathetic ability

According to research by Israeli scientists, socially anxious people exhibited prominent empathetic abilities, i.e. they had higher psychosocial awareness than their non-anxious counterparts. Simply put, people with anxiety have a better capacity to understand and feel what others are going through.

Thus, individuals who suffer from social anxiety may possess an innate empathetic ability. What if this is the reason why these people feel the way they do around others?

What if they are just too sensitive to other people’s emotions, which is overwhelming and results in those disturbing symptoms? No surprise that socially anxious people feel more comfortable avoiding human interaction.

Concerned people worry about others a lot more than normal people do. They also can put themselves in other people’s shoes and understand what they are feeling. This is a great feature because it makes you connect with others on a whole new level. They understand, when someone is not feeling good and can help solve their problems. Empathic people make great friends, so try to find them in your life as well.

4. Sensitivity to other people’s energy

Similarly to the empathetic ability, people with social anxiety may be experiencing those uncomfortable symptoms because they can sense the energy of those around them. Of course, this idea is less scientific than the previous ones and is not based on any studies, but it’s still a possibility.

Based on my personal experience, I have noticed that some people provoke intense social anxiety symptoms in me while others don’t. And most of the times, I can’t find any rational explanation for this – for no plausible reason, it just feels awkward and uncomfortable when someone is around. What if I’m able to sense their energy and get the emotional state associated with anxiety as a response to low-frequency vibes?

As you see, it turns out that anxiety disorders also have a bright side. Nothing is absolute in this world, and perhaps, we label anxiety with being a mental disorder because we still know too little about the human brain and the existence in general.

In reality, anxious individuals might simply be too sensitive to the things most people are unaware of.

Do you agree that anxiety disorders are more complex than it seems? What are your thoughts on this? Please share them in the comment section below.

Anxiety may seem natural and harmless, but it has a serious effect on people. Anxiety might cause negative feelings, like stress, depression and not wanting to communicate with others. It can be tough to deal with stress yourself and also to be around anxious people. But it also has some benefits, and it makes the people unique.

One might even say, that people with anxiety have superpowers. Some features are more developed in them, than in other people. To find out, if you have these superpowers, that anxiety causes:

People with anxiety can sense other people better. They can instantly feel if the other person has a positive or a negative vibe. Individuals with positive vibes are easier to be with, and it is more comfortable to talk to them. Negative people make anxious people feel terrible and overwhelmed. Regular people might not even feel the negative energy approaching them, but anxious people are much more sensitive.

5. Ability to Spot Lies

Because they are very aware of what is going on around them, they can understand when someone is dishonest. They concentrate and listen to every word, and if the story does not make sense or the person telling it is acting strangely in any way, anxious people can see through that immediately. So do not try to lie to them, because it will end badly for you.

Anxiety can be a pain in the ass in everyday life. But it also makes the people unique. These superpowers mentioned above are essential features and thanks to these, they make great friends. Anxious people have the gift to notice all the details and achieve great things in their life. Worried people might seem insecure and weak, but they are the strongest people out there.


9 thoughts on “The Amazing Hidden Super Powers Behind Anxiety Disorders You Need To Know

  1. I have anxiety and panick disorder everyrhing i read is true sometimes i dont like have. Feelings about people around me. Feels like im going crazy. Sometimes. I dont know how to handle feeing negativity from others. Or there ententions

  2. This explains a lot. Especially why certain people or even small crowds are exhausting. It’s impossible to keep from absorbing energy that makes you feel crazy until you realize your sponge needs a squeeze ( a hug) and way to remove yourself. I appreciate the idea of these complexities. We are super strong and heroes in our own lives just for getting through the day.

  3. How to converse this article was very relevant and open my eyes to a different way of thinking about my social anxiety unfortunately over the years it now has as a very firm grip and I exclude myself from any social interaction but hey maybe my superpowers will help me overcome some of this take care everyone.j

      1. The Amazing Hidden Super Powers Behind Anxiety Disorders. Now there is some fine click bait.. I have 2 or 3 anxiety disorders. GA and SA for sure.
        But I had to check it out to see how mental illness is being exploited by telling us we’re superheroes. While the life saving sixth sense is hocum. And you admit the sensitivity to other’s “energies” You say its less scientific then write there have been no studies which means it is not at all scientific. You just made it up. I am more sensitive to other’s moods. When they are negative I often think it is because of me, But I would rather be a dumb, insensitive, uncaring gullible person. Constantly running into not away from Live endangering situations (Which is the personality of trump) than go through the torment that my anxiety disorders have brought down on me, than have superhero(HA) abilities. You must have got the idea to write this from previous articles that say about the same things..

        1. lol, To understand yourself you don’t need proofs or evidences or scientific researchs. Coz You Are Not You. The Truth Of You Are Hidden If You Always Use Your Logic. Try To be Honest to yourself about everything. It’s Hard To Do Man.

          Truly, You Don’t Need Too Much Theories. I recommend for you to learn Javanese Philosophy how to understanding your life and how to live.

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