10 Accidental Scientific Discoveries That Changed The World

From plastic and Corn flakes to matches and Penicillin, here is a list of top 10 accidental scientific discoveries that have had a big impact on our lives. Have a look!

10. Vulcanised Rubber

Vulcanized rubber is an extremely important type of rubber, it’s used to make large array of things like tires, shoe soles and conveyor belts.

Interestingly, it was accidentally discovered in 1839 by a scientist named Charles Goodyear. He dropped the mixture of rubber, sulphur and lead on a hot stove, he found that the rubber hardened but was still usable. This is how world finally got a rubber resistant of both heat and cold.

The discovery of vulcanized rubber revolutionized the use and application of rubber, and changed the face of industrial world forever.

9. Safety Glass

You might know that the windshield in your car is made out of laminated glass sheet, which is less likely to shatter to pose threat to your eyes. Apparently the safety glass which is used to protect you from accidents was itself invented by an accident.

Safety glass was actually discovered in 1903, when a French scientist named “Édouard Bénédictus” dropped a glass flask containing plastic cellulose and nitrate, surprisingly, it didn’t shatter as it should be. Later several little tweaks made the safety glass as perfect as we know it today.

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