10 Accidental Scientific Discoveries That Changed The World

8. Sildenafil

Sildenafil is a small blue pill, which is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction, more popular name of it is “Viagra”. While Sildenafil was a remarkable discovery on its on, but it was also accidental.

In early 1990s a group of pharmaceutical chemists at research facility in England, synthesized a compound called UK-92480, intended to treat hypertension and Angina pectoris (a heart disease). Eventually it turned out to be an absolute failure in that department, however, test subjects reported some startling effects below the belt. What’s more fascinating, it has some side effects and one of them is “heart attack”.

7. Matches

Before lighters ever created, the only way to get quick and easy access to fire was strikeable matches. A man named John Walker was trying to find a way to obtain fire easily. While several chemical were known at that time that could ignite by a sudden explosion, but it was unknown that the flame could be transmitted to a slow burning substance like wood.

This amazingly accidental scientific discovery took place when Walker was preparing a lighting mixture, a match which had been dipped in it suddenly took fire by an accidental friction upon the hearth. Even he was stunned by this discovery.

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