10 Reasons Why The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With A Girl Who Loves ‘Too Much’

1. She will bring incredible positivity to your life.

She loves you, she loves the world, and this love fills her every cell and bone and muscle and curve. Her love shines through her normal, everyday existence and it will be so bright and positive that every single day you will be encouraged.

2. She will get you over any past relationship, hurt, or trust issue.

She loves you too much for you to be thinking of any other female. She’s the one whose presence unintentionally demands your attention. She distracts you with her mind, with her happiness, with her smile. She will love you so deeply that any past scars and any past pain will fade. You will forget the brokenness, the bad relationships of your past and with her, learn to love again.

3. She will show you what love really feels like.

Not the half-love you’ve known. Not the love that fades when times get tough, or when someone new comes along. Instead, she will love you consistently, patiently, willingly, and fearlessly through the ups and downs. She won’t pull away. She won’t run. She will love you in a way that fills the empty spaces of your life and makes you a more whole, more complete version of yourself.

4. She will never let you feel empty.

She will continually fill you with her love—on bad days, on tough mornings, after incredible loss, during the most difficult times. With her, you will never feel unsatisfied, never feel lonely. She will be all in, and more.

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