10 Signs Your Partner Is Truly Supportive of Your Goals

Gaining the support of your partner is a must in every relationship. Is yours truly supportive of what you want out of life?

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if your partner is supportive of your life goals–especially if you’re blinded by your own wants and needs related to them. For instance, you could convince yourself that they’re supportive because they ask about your dreams, but if that’s all they do, you might just be hoping that they are.

One thing is clear: having a supportive partner makes it easier to pursue your dreams, since you won’t have to deal with the added stress of constantly trying to defend what you want to do with your life. A good partner will not only encourage and listen–they’ll also appreciate your motivation and even find it sexy.

Is my partner understanding of my passions?

Here are some signs that you have a motivating, supportive partner on your hands.

#1 They are understanding of your schedule, and don’t make a fuss when you need to cancel or delay plans. This doesn’t mean you should always skip out on time with your partner, because that makes you a workaholic *or hobby-holic, depending on what your passion is*, but when there’s a pressing deadline, or you’re needed for a special project, your partner should be able to put their selfishness aside and understand that you have other commitments.

If your partner cries, gets upset, picks an argument, or develops an attitude about the situation, it means they want to always be your number one priority, which shouldn’t be the case in a healthy relationship.

#2 When you need help, they do their best to be available. For instance, if you need their opinion on something you’re working on, and your partner says “I don’t know,” they either don’t like it, or they don’t care enough to form an honest opinion. A supportive partner will always help, offer suggestions, give their unbiased opinion, and lend a helping hand, even if it is just a simple coffee run.

#3 Talking about your accomplishments has become one of their favorite things to do. If your partner tells their friends and family about your accomplishments and can’t wait to share the news, even if you’re being coy about them, then it’s safe to say they’re proud of you. This means they are not only focused on their own goals, but are happy about yours, as well. There should be a sense of appreciation present.

An unsupportive partner will often fail to mention your accomplishments either because they don’t care or because they want their own accomplishments to take the limelight, instead.

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