11 Things I Learned from Falling In and Out of Love

Not everyone is dealt with the same hand when it comes to love. But when you look back, there are a few fundamental lessons that love will teach. By Geninna Ariton


We have all been smitten. We have all experienced the pangs of a broken heart biting deep into the crevices of our crushed souls. We have all felt how it was waking up in a universe where the love of our lives, or shall I say ex love of our lives, are non-existent. For those who have not felt this, enjoy the moment now, for it will not last. Because you will, at some point in your life, fall in love – and possibly fall out of it.

We all have our notions of what love is, what it can and what it cannot be. It could be coming from our family and friends, what we have watched from movies or from TV, what we have read from fiction and non-fiction books, or simply from our own experiences.

What falling in and out of love has taught me

We may not be able to put everything that we have learned on paper and enumerate it like a scientific experiment, but here are a couple of points that can be gathered from getting involved with that four-letter word called love.

Love is not a romantic comedy nor is it a fairy tale with a happy ending.

Ah, all those movies that fill your head with romantic scripts, grand gestures and dramatic tension. It’s all put in there to make the viewers feel good after watching it. Studios need to sell enough tickets in the cinemas to pay off their actors and actresses. They were written in such a way that they can tell a story that would normally have spanned 20 years, but will only be shown in the cinema for 90 minutes.

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