12 Real Reasons Why Couples Drift Apart Over Time

Are you drifting away from your partner? Use these 12 reasons to find out why couples drift apart and what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

A few relationships happily stand the test of time.


And many others, well, they start out perfectly, but somewhere along the way, the lovers start to drift away and fall apart even before either of them realizes what’s happening.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you love your partner, but surprisingly, don’t see a future with them?

You’re not alone.

Several lovers experience the same feeling, where they love their partner but can’t imagine getting married to them or living through the rest of their life with them.

Experiencing this kind of a relationship can be really stressful, because you may want to break up, but have no idea why you want to do that in the first place!

Falling in love and drifting apart from each other

When you fall in love with someone, the infatuation both of you experience towards each other would help hold the relationship together.

It’s a happy time where both of you don’t care about the differences or each other’s flaws.

The world just seems perfect, and you believe you’ve found the one. But once the excitement wanes, the couple needs to make the subconscious effort to please each other and keep each other happy. It’s the only way to keep the relationship exciting and alive for several years.

The turn from bliss to boredom

Intentionally or otherwise, many lovers don’t try to change for each other over the months and the years, nor do they try to please each other and woo each other.

They just let the relationship be, and they sink into the comfort of their own individual lives.

Both partners may love each other, care about each other and live under the same roof, and yet, they may be leading two separate lives.

And when this happens, it’s only inevitable that one or both lovers would want something more from life, something more exciting and passionate, and most importantly, more meaningful.

This is the clearest sign that both of you have started to drift apart *probably too far apart to even fix the relationship*.

After all, when one partner starts to believe that the relationship is suffocating them or preventing them from experiencing happiness, it’s only a matter of time before confusions, doubts, and second thoughts start to creep into their mind.

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