13 Stages Of Realizing Just How Much Better Off You Are Without Him

8. My head hurts. Way too much fun last night out with my friends. I need a coffee and some greasy food. Where did my friends say they were going to brunch? Maybe I’ll call back my other friend who wanted to hang out today.

9. Wait, I just spent the whole day out and didn’t even think of him. I’ve been trying to keep busy. I’ve stopped checking my phone every hour to see if he contacted me.

10. It’s been a few weeks now, and I might sign up for one of those dating apps to practice for when I really start dating. Not that I’m ready yet. My friends are dragging me in 20 different directions to keep my mind occupied—it’s actually helped a lot.

11. I’m starting to recall some exchanges between my ex and me that I probably should have questioned earlier. All the red flags I chose to ignore. Like his flirtatious behavior with other women in his life. And his disappearing act on certain nights when he’d never answer his phone and claim his cell phone battery had died. He had so much potential and it was so nice being in an actual relationship that I was willing to overlook those character flaws but I probably should have been concerned.

12. I met a guy through a dating apps and he’s CUTE! We hung out at casual bar in the neighborhood to get a drink and ended up chatting for hours. He asked me to go out again right there and then! Wait, I think I might actually be attracted to someone other than my ex. Is that even possible?

13. Several months later, I’m walking to work with a full schedule ahead of me, followed by happy hour with friends and dinner with Cute Dating App Guy. I realize that none of this would be possible had I stayed with the ex. I’m living again. On my own terms. I’m so much better off without that other guy who really didn’t deserve me. I’m looking forward to whatever comes next!

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