14 Charming Ways to Impress Her on the First Date

The interview.

While it’s good to have a few questions prepared in case the conversation goes dead right at the start of dinner, please do not come off as an investigative reporter trying to uncover every single piece of information.

Ask a question casually, let her answer, and feed off that original question with a few more questions as long as she seems interested in talking about it. Do not shoot a line of rapid fire questioning from the hip, it will not end well for you.

The hint of sexual tension.

I completely understand when people say “find a person whose personality you love, then create a relationship from there and you will learn to love the rest of them.” With all due respect to that quote, that’s bullshit. If there isn’t at least a mutual physical attraction right from the start, this relationship may not last long enough to find the other qualities of the person attractive enough to spark the fire.

So take your time to build the sexual tension the right way. Don’t come off too strong, but never for one moment should you forget that you’re on a date that tests your sexual compatibility as well as your relationship compatibility.

Phone etiquette.

Nothing kills a first date more than checking your text messages while your date is talking, or interrupting them to take a call. If you can’t keep your phone in the car, at the very least, put it away in your pocket on vibrate *it can still be annoying to hear a constant buzz throughout dinner but it’s definitely not as big of a mood killer as a full blown ringtone going off right in the middle of a great conversation*.

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