14 Signs a Woman Is Attracted to You Sexually & How to Read Them

You may be bummed out, thinking no woman is interested but what if you’re just not paying attention to the signs a woman is attracted to you sexually?

There probably have been hundreds of time where you saw an attractive girl at school, the club, or on the street and though you could have approached her, you got cold feet. You thought she wouldn’t be into you or she’d reject you before you even said hi. But did you notice that she stared at you? Did you notice the small smile she gave when you walked by? You probably didn’t think that those were signs a woman is attracted to you sexually, but they were.


How to read the signs a woman is attracted to you sexually

See? See how the smallest sign matters? Women are more likely to be low key and subtle when showing signs of interest compared to men. Men usually approach a woman rather than the other way around. So, she lets out subtle signs in order to show you it’s okay. Yes, you can approach her.

In fact, that’s what she’s wanted you to do this entire time. But, what are the signs a woman is attracted to you sexually? I’m going to show you now. They may be subtle signs, but they’re there.

#1 Eye contact. It’s not always true that looking at someone automatically means they’re interested in you. I mean, it could be you look at them because it’s normal social behavior. However, if a woman is interested in you then you receive prolonged eye contact from her. Which means she stares at you just a little longer than usual. If she’s not into you, she avoids looking at you.

#2 Preening. If she’s into you, she wants to look her best around you. So, she spends some time getting herself prepped and pretty. Plus, she’s nervous so that also causes her to preen herself. She’ll fix her hair, make sure her lipstick is on point and that her shirt isn’t wrinkled. These are small, yet powerful acts.

#3 She sits close to you. Unless she absolutely must sit close to you, but if she doesn’t and she’s in your personal space, it’s a sign. If there’s plenty of room, yet, she squishes herself next to you, she’s into you. If she wasn’t into you, you would never have the chance to touch her.

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