14 Unrealistic Expectations That Can Ruin Your Love Life

We set many expectations when it comes to relationships. It’s only a matter of time before disappointment sets in, and we end up falling from grace.

Nicholas Sparks has singlehandedly ruined everyone’s expectations when it comes to falling in love. Stop right there and realize that every word encapsulated within those glossy covers depicting lovey-dovey couples is a figment of a romantic novelist’s imagination. We live in the real world, and it isn’t a pretty place.


The media plays a huge role in making us believe that love is a simple thing. Romantic comedies, chick lit, and even Disney cartoons portray love and relationships in a very different light than real life does. We are led to believe that falling in love and maintaining a relationship is as easy as ABC.

More than half the marriages in the United States end in divorce. Many factors come into play, but more often than not, couples break up because they were let down. They realized too little too late that the expectations set were unrealistic and therefore unachievable. Failure is a tough thing to swallow, and most couples choose to end things instead of setting more realistic goals.

Expectations can ruin your love life

Both men and women are guilty of associating relationships with simplicity. They set unrealistic goals and expect everything to work out to a T. Don’t be naïve and fall into that trap. Here are 14 unrealistic expectations that can downright ruin your love life.

#1 I come first. Many people get into relationships thinking that they will come first in their partner’s lives. Constantly being number one is a myth. We live in a demanding world that requires us to focus on multiple things at once, namely keeping our jobs, making time for ourselves, investing time in friends and family, and getting through the daily grind.

Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time in a day to please your partner too. You have to realize that it’s okay to come in second every so often. The same way you have stuff to do, so does your partner.

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