14 Unrealistic Expectations That Can Ruin Your Love Life

#2 No fighting. Another unrealistic expectation that could ruin your relationship is thinking that fights are a bad thing. You have to change your mindset and realize that conflict isn’t the worst thing that could mar your relationship.

Disagreements give you the opportunity to discuss certain things, which in the long run is healthy for your relationship. Of course, you must know when to draw the line. Daily fights are never good and neither are physical ones.

#3 No need for anyone else. The idea that you don’t need anyone else in your life once you’re in a relationship is a silly myth. One person isn’t going to fulfill all your social needs, and the sooner you realize it, the better. You need people around you who can offer support that your partner can’t.

Don’t neglect your friends, and remember to stay in touch with family members. The more people you have in your life, the more enriched your relationship will be.

#4 Understand my feelings. Your partner isn’t a mind reader, so don’t expect them to know what you’re thinking and feeling. If you don’t express yourself, they’ll be left in the dark and won’t be able to fix whatever’s bothering you. If the channels of communication between the two of you aren’t solid, it’s only a matter of time before your relationship fails.

#5 We have to be together. There’s no need to be together 24-7. Make time for yourself and invest in your friendships. If you smother each other and don’t spend a sliver of time apart, you will eventually get tired and bored. It may not seem like it’s possible now, but give it a couple of years and you’ll know just what I mean.

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