15 Cute Things to Tell Your Boyfriend and Make Him Feel Appreciated

For a long time, tradition said only women liked hearing romantic compliments. But having some cute things to tell your boyfriend can go a long way.

One of the five love languages is words of affirmation. This is a way to express not just your feelings, but your appreciation for your partner. These cute things to tell your boyfriend will get you started.


When he tells you how much he appreciates you making dinner or picking up his favorite beer or even how amazing you look with your new hairstyle, you feel good. It boosts your self confidence, your faith in the relationship, and your feelings for your boyfriend.

Men need to hear cute things too

Men are not emotionless beasts. Although sometimes it may seem like it, they also need to hear your appreciation. Men are finally able to be sensitive and emotionally available without so much judgement from society.

And by telling your boyfriend cute things you’re not only letting him be vulnerable, but you make sure he knows what you love about him.

He deserves it

No relationship is perfect. But just like you do things for your boyfriend, I’ll bet he does a lot for you. So, he deserves to hear cute things about himself from you.

My guess is he cares more about what you think of him than anyone else, so having that verbal affirmation from you is so important. But what do you actually say?

Cute things to tell your boyfriend

You really can’t go wrong with a compliment to your boyfriend. Whether it is regarding his looks, his strength, or a job well done. Anything goes. Just steer clear of anything he maybe sensitive about.

Everyone has a no go zone. Maybe yours is your weight or your feet. But if he is sensitive about a receding hair line or his inability to stand up to his boss, avoid those topics. If you want to amp up his confidence in those areas, just tread lightly.

All of these are cute things to tell your boyfriend that he is sure to appreciate. So take these or put your own twist on them for your guy.

#1 You look hot today. This may seem basic, but we all love to hear it, men included. So compliment his looks. Tell him he looks nice in those jeans, that new shirt, or that his hair cut is adorable.

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