15 Cute Things to Tell Your Boyfriend and Make Him Feel Appreciated

#6 Share your favorite moments. Although you don’t want your relationship to live in the past, bring up some of your favorite moments together. They let him know you still think about them. Maybe he really impressed you with an anniversary surprise or a getaway. Whatever it is, remind him that you notice what he does.

#7 Tell him he’s funny. 
Everyone loves this compliment. It may not seem uber romantic, but it really boosts confidence. Next time your boyfriend does his Ace Ventura impression or tells a joke do more than laugh.

Actually telling him how funny he is lets him know you’re aware of the fact he makes you happy.

#8 Remind him why you love him. Not to lessen saying “I love you,” but actually giving him reasons why is somehow more meaningful. As much as those three words mean, the meaning behind them is so powerful.

Let him know you love him because he is so caring. Because he’s always there for you. Because he loves every part of you. Whatever it is that draws you to him, share that. You may think he already knows, but this is one of those cute things to tell your boyfriend that he’ll always appreciate and want to hear more often.

#9 When you’re in awe of him, say it. How many times have you been out and about and just are in awe of your boyfriend? Whether he helps someone elderly get something off a shelf, helps a woman with a stroller up an escalator, or goes out of his way for anyone, make sure he knows you’re impressed.

We can watch and smile and think, wow, he’s amazing. But letting him know that you saw what he did and that you’re impressed by him goes a long way.

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