15 Real Relationship Goals Most Couples Have No Idea About

With social media so focused on cute relationship goals, it’s easy to forget what really matters in a relationship. These are the real goals to have.

How many of you follow some type of relationship goals page on social media? I, myself, follow about three separate accounts that highlight what a successful relationship *looks* like.

I emphasize the word “looks” because these kinds of pages don’t touch on the reality of the couples they depict through pictures. They simply show you pictures of happy-looking couples, and you assume that their relationship is perfect. But what about what it really takes to build that kind of happiness?

Social media’s role in relationships

You may look at all of those social media accounts and think that that’s what you need in order to be happy in your relationship. The truth is that social media has ruined what a healthy and happy relationship really looks like.

More and more people are reporting that social media actually causes hardships in their relationships. You might be jealous that your boyfriend isn’t acting like these Instagram boyfriends, or that your girlfriend doesn’t do all of the things that those other girls online are doing for their boyfriends.

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