15 Real Relationship Goals Most Couples Have No Idea About

The real relationship goals you need to have

Throw away all you’ve ever seen about “real” relationship goals. Those photos of couples standing on a beach holding hands as the sun sets over a mountainous horizon are not what makes for a happy relationship.

These relationship goals are what you should have. This is what you should strive for when it comes to your significant other. Just think about what your grandparents valued in a relationship—those are the true relationship goals, and here are our top 15 favorites.

Having true trust.

Forget about holding each other’s hands overlooking a mountainous terrain. Real relationship goals are being able to be at the top of that mountain and trusting that the person you’re with would never let you fall over the edge. Trust is the most important relationship goal that we all need, yet it is the most forgotten.

Being honest with each other.

I’m not talking about never, ever telling a little white lie. I’m talking about being able to go to your partner and be honest about all of the big things in life. Real relationship goals include being open and honest with your partner about whatever you have to say, knowing that they’ll hear you out every time.

Open communication.

I don’t care how many cutesy pictures you take and post online, if you can’t communicate how you feel, then your relationship is doomed. Ultimate relationship goals include being able to openly speak your mind and tell your partner how you feel about anything.

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