15 Real Relationship Goals Most Couples Have No Idea About

Caring about each other’s safety.

In order to have a healthy and happy relationship, you have to feel safe and protected by your partner. This is definitely one of my relationship goals, because if I didn’t feel this way with someone, how could I ever let loose and enjoy myself? Caring about someone’s safety is caring about their life.

Caring about one another’s happiness more than your own.

If my boyfriend ever came to the conclusion that he would be happier with someone else, I would let him go. It would obviously be extremely painful to me, but I care about his happiness more than my own. When your partner’s happiness means more than yours, that’s when you know it’s real.

Reserving time to spend together.

Sometimes, spending time together doesn’t come naturally— you need to make the time. Real relationship goals means reserving special date nights to spend with each other so that you never forget how to enjoy each other’s company.

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