15 Subtle Things that Change When You Get Married

A lot of things change after getting married, but some things change more subtly than others. Here’s a list of the changes you might not notice.

Once you get married, you automatically assume that the things you’re used to will change in a significant way–that’s why you prepare and get all your ducks in a row. Whether it’s a spur-of-the-moment Vegas wedding or a year-long, prepped gala, the marriage part always seems to throw everyone for a loop.


The obvious changes include addressing each other as husband and wife, assigning responsibilities in the household, realizing that you can’t break up without a lawyer present, and having to actually share your money without a legitimate reason to resent the idea.

Why do things change after marriage?

Some people think that things don’t change at all when they get married. Surely it only happens when they decide to have kids, right? Not exactly. In fact, some think that everything changes after the vows have been said, and nothing’s the same ever again.

It’s different for everyone, especially when their circumstances aren’t the same. Some people lived together for years before they got married. That’s why it doesn’t feel too different after. Some decide to become intimate after getting married. Now, that changes everything!

The one common denominator in all this is that change is inevitable. When it happens is dependent on the couple, themselves. These simple changes are necessary in order to fully transition into a married couple.

What are the subtle changes that occur after marriage?

Want to know how marriage transforms you as a couple and as individuals? Here are the subtle shifts that marriage leaves in its wake.

#1 The power dynamic becomes more significant. Who wears the pants? The answer is both, but there are some things that cannot be changed due to society’s influence. Women are still paid less, so they have to work harder. Men are expected to provide, but some women earn more than their spouses.

The success of your relationship depends on how much you do or don’t care about these sorts of things. Honestly speaking, it’s still a prevalent issue among married couples.

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