15 Subtle Things that Change When You Get Married

#2 Spending habits become transparent. Unless there’s a pre-nup, everything you spend can and will be scrutinized by your partner. You don’t realize how important it is until one of you blows the whistle on excessive spending or unnecessary purchases.

#3 The idea of sex changes. Sex every day? Hell yeah! But that can become a problem when couples stop being innovative in the bedroom. Too much of a good thing can be bad–especially if you don’t cultivate a loving connection with your partner.

#4 There’s a looming expectation for a child–or a discussion about having one. While a lot of people are considering not having children these days, there are even more who expect it out of marriage. Humans are genetically programmed to procreate, and marriage puts that very huge elephant right smack in the middle of the presidential table at the wedding venue.

#5 Fighting requires a quick resolution. This is not like when you were in a relationship and you could cool down in your apartment, with your phone on silent. You are living with your partner, and the fights that start need to be resolved before you call it a night. Always remember the tried and tested adage, “Never go to bed angry.”

#6 You start hating and needing your partner’s presence at the same time. Living in close quarters can be exhausting for couples, especially if they’re new to the situation. The honeymoon phase lasts a year for most couples, so the next phase is usually transitioning into a family. This means having to see the same person day in and day out, hating them at times, but loving them more than you ever did.

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