15 Subtle Things that Change When You Get Married

#7 How you spend your time. Married couples are pressured to engage in activities that cater to both spouses. It’s probable that the cause is the new label, but it just goes to show that being married changes how you perceive your daily activities.

#8 How much your family is involved in your decisions. When you get married, you don’t realize that you’ve created a bubble around you and your spouse. The decisions that included your family are now a little less important, because you’ve come to realize that being married means being responsible for you and your partner’s well-being.

#9 You now know more about relationships. Ever wonder why you keep thinking of ways to solve your single friends’ relationship problems? That’s because you’ve reached the Holy Grail and have a wedding band to prove it. You have valuable advice that they can use, and you’re not afraid to tell them. Just don’t rub it in their face.

#10 You find yourself wanting to outdo your wedding feels. You just experienced the most significant event in your life yet. After the bills are paid and you’re back at home starting with new, married-couple bills, you will realize that the next life event needs to top the happiness that you felt on your wedding day.

That’s what milestones are all about. It will be difficult, however, if you spent all your savings on the wedding and didn’t leave enough for the honeymoon.

#11 You start dating other married couples. You still go out as a couple with your single friends, but going out with married couples feels different. They can relate to you more, and you can share your funny married anecdotes excessively without feeling guilty.

#12 Important documents start to actually look important. You are now signing documents on behalf of another person. Reading the fine print is now a necessity, because if anything bad happens, you’re dragging your spouse right into the middle of it.

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