16 Signs You Should Probably Break Up

10. If you don’t agree about children.

This applies if your partner is all about that family life while you never want to have children or the reverse. But it can also come down to how you’d want to raise those theoretical children politically, religiously, and morally. If you’re totally opposed on those biggies, you can expect more than a few clashes getting in the way of your domestic bliss.

11. If nothing you do together excites you.

While a relationship can’t be all thrills all the time, one completely devoid of any exhilaration isn’t much fun to be in. When you’re together long-term, there will be periods when your sex life is pretty quiet, which is ideally when activities outside the bedroom make you excited to be with this person. And if everyday life is feeling too routine at times, hopefully your sex life keeps you both delighted. Point is, regular excitement is key.

12. If you’re constantly fighting about the same things.

Fights are necessary in relationships, but the idea is to grow from them into an even stronger couple. If you’re reliving the same arguments over and over, it could be a sign that there are some issues you might not be able to overcome. At the very least, it’s a clue that they may be too big for you to take on by yourselves, which is when seeing a couple’s therapist can come in handy.

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