19 Tiny Relationship Moments That Are Actually Beautifully Romantic

19 Tiny Relationship Moments That Are Actually Beautifully Romantic

Every relationship starts out with a LOT of romance. With roses and surprises, elaborate dates and talk about how much y’all miss each other all day long. But then the honeymoon phase gets over, and if the cliches are right, then this where the romance ends, right? Wrong. The romance is STILL there, it just takes a different form – with tiny moments and things we often don’t think twice about. Romance is in the little things.

1. When you wake up next to each other, messy hair and morning breathe and aren’t grossed out. Just comfortable, and at your realest.

2. When you start laughing during completely serious conversations because of an inside joke that ONLY you two get.

3. When you fall asleep, arms around each other, dressed in your most comfortable clothes, while watching your favourite shows together.

4. And wake up a little extra early on an important day for bae just to make breakfast, iron his/ her clothes, or do something just a little out of the ordinary to make their day easier.

5. When you unintentionally start repeating each other’s favourite phrases, even the ones that used to annoy the fuck out of you. I used to end every sentence with the word ‘nicely’ just because my then-SO would.

6. And then have them boast about it while pretending to hate it (but laughing internally).

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