25 Tips to Avoid Marriage Problems Early On

The first year of marriage can seem wonderful, but it can also lay a foundation of marriage problems. Avoid them early on, for a happily ever after.

Is there anything more amazing than being in love? The beginning stages of a relationship are full of bliss. You can’t get enough of him, he of you, and then you say “I do.” We all know that marriage isn’t always going to be easy but rarely do any of us think that it is going to be so difficult.

Suddenly all those cute things he used to do aren’t that cute anymore, the rendezvous in the middle of the day isn’t happening and at nighttime, the best feeling you get is digging into a pint of ice cream. This isn’t what you bargained for, is it? If you are asking yourself whether it was a mistake all along and looking over your courtship for signs that you missed, take heart.

The first year of marriage is one of the most difficult times for the majority of married couples. It is also the time that defines the journey that you set out on. If you find things getting out of control and negative, now is the time to nip it in the bud and turn things around.

The first two years can predict your marriage

The first two years are predictive of whether you live happily ever after or not. In America, statistics show that one in two marriages is destined for divorce. Most think that the reason people divorce is because the beginning stages of marriage are so romantic and the chemistry so great, that as the romance begins to fade, they can’t look past the rest to find common ground.

Other research indicates that people divorce because they can’t communicate, they don’t respect each other’s ideas, and they are hostile in their actions to each other. After decades and piles of research, the problem is that no one has really figured it all out. Why is marriage so difficult and what is it about that first couple of years that make some marriages fall apart while others bind together?

Practical research in the field of love and relationships is indicating that perhaps all the assumptions made about whether a marriage will last are not what everyone assumes. New research is concluding that some marriages may be doomed long before the first year when problems begin to arise. The four characteristics that seem to have the most predictive nature for those couples that make it and those that don’t, are not what you would think. 

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