25 Tips to Avoid Marriage Problems Early On

The patterns – Who makes it and who doesn’t?

Researchers set out to study couples long before the first year when problems began to arise. What they found was contrary to what most falsely believe, the first year of marriage is not the “honeymoon phase.” Not many couples, just starting out, would report that their first year together is blissful.

It was also found that marriages starting out highly intense and magical are more prone to divorce than those that lack the sweeping rush of romanticism. Vows beginning with couples that were not so intense and full of heat, tended not to have as many expectations going in. That is why they were more likely to last through the ages.

Couples who would report their marriages as boring, or uneventful, are more likely to stay married than those who think their relationships are spectacular. Being even keel, they take it as it goes instead of always searching for and needing more from one another. Fulfillment is an illusion that can tear people apart. Finally, when couples didn’t make it, it was not due to their lack of communication or arguing as many would assume, but it is due to them falling “out of love” and not being affectionate to one another.

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