25 Tips to Avoid Marriage Problems Early On

The four groups of marriage couples

Couples fall into four different groups, happily married, unhappily married, divorcing early on, or divorcing later in life. Those who were happily married had one shining characteristic. They were very in love and affectionate with each other that first year of marriage and beyond. They also talked about, and thought about, their mates more positively.

The first two years are very significant and predictive of the success of a relationship because they set the tone for those years that come after, and they are the highest risk years for calling it quits. The biggest thing in those first two years was not, not getting along; it was loving and finding affection for each other.

Avoiding marriage problems: 25 ways to save your first year to save your marriage

So, if you are having a difficult time in the first year of marriage, here are the best twenty-five ways to turn it around and set up a scenario for happily ever after. Since the first two years are when the most change takes place, and they determine the rest of your union together, try these 25 things to make your marriage work. They may not make the day to day easier, but they will help you to continue to love and be affectionate with one another.

#1 Maintain some mystery. Don’t put it all out there. Keep your hygiene habits to yourself and close the door. It is important always to maintain some level of mystery and sexiness.

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