25 Ways to Make Your Guy Feel Appreciated and Cared For

#2 Admire him. If you like something about him, be it his appearance or the way he treats you, don’t just take it for granted. Tell him about it. It’ll make him feel proud, and he’ll feel more loved because you noticed it!


#3 Be honest with him. Don’t lie to your boyfriend unless you really have no choice. Honesty is a sign of trust, and it makes your boyfriend feel like you trust him and respect him enough to confide in him about anything.

#4 Help him accomplish his goals. Your boyfriend helps you out of a sticky situation, doesn’t he? Return the favor and be his support and helping hand when he needs help or needs a word of advice and inspiration. He’d feel really cared for knowing that you’re by his side, and willing to support him through his difficult time.

#5 Bad habits. Does your boyfriend dislike or hate any of your bad habits, be it smoking, procrastination, or your laziness? If he tells you about it, try your best to get rid of those habits that annoy him. After all, it’s bad for you, and you can do it for his sake, and let him know that you’re doing it for him.

#6 Don’t make him feel small. If you want to make your boyfriend feel appreciated, don’t ever make him feel small over something he can’t directly control like the money he makes or something else that he’s sensitive about. It would hurt him, and it would make him feel more alone and distant from you.

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