27 Signs You’re Dating A Guy Who Truly Respects You

10. He gets a little jealous when you refer to other guys in your life whom you respect and interact with regularly—not because he doesn’t trust you, but because he understands your market value and he’s always a little bit afraid to lose you.


11. On the rare occasion he doesn’t like something you’re wearing, he manages to tell you without being offensive. In fact, he’ll package an outfit critique as a compliment, such as: “That dress doesn’t do your hot body justice.”

12. He’s not afraid of superlatives when complimenting you. You are “the most beautiful woman,” “the most perfect fit” for him, and “the smartest person” he’s ever been with.

13. Once in a while, he also says something grandiose like “you are everything to me,” or “you are my world.”

14. After a while, he might even tack a quasi-embarrassing hashtag onto a social media post that’s a not-so-subtle ode to your relationship, like #myworld or #forever.

15. He’d rather study or do mundane chores with you rather than let you do these things alone, no matter how dull or unappealing the task.

16. He wants to know your opinion about everything: wardrobe, politics, current events, career moves, the merits of a stupid celebratory rumor, etc.

17. He’s not afraid to express his opinions, even when they differ from yours, because he knows you thrive during a healthy debate.

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