3 Natural Theraphy For Tight Muscle Legs Beside Prescribed Pain Medications

Yoga and Stretching


It is probably safe to say that there is not one technique used in mainstream medical physical therapy that isn’t somehow derived from yoga, which definitely has a lot to offer for tight leg muscles. If you’re new to yoga, a beginner’s class will likely yield immediate relief for your tight legs, as well as your tight everything else. Because if your legs are uncomfortably tight, it is probably safe to assume that your whole musculo-skeletal system could use some elongation.

In the meantime, there are a few specific things you can do to get started on your legs. Forward folds are excellent for de-stressing taut hamstrings. But it’s also important to lengthen the muscles that run down the front of the leg, such as the quadriceps and the shin muscle (tibius anterior). When too tight, they pull against the calf muscle, causing pain and restricting mobility.

You can stretch your quads by lying face down and pulling one foot toward your behind until you feel mild stretch in the front of your thigh. To go deeper, hinge your hips backwards. Hold this for 30 seconds and repeat two or three times. Give the shin a good tug by stepping your left foot behind you and pressing your toes or the top of your foot against the floor. Shift your body forward until you feel it in the front of your shin. Hold for a minute and switch sides.

If the problem is higher up, you might benefit from these stretches for tight gluteus muscles. You’ll cover all the bases with these yoga stretches for the legs. Stretch to a point at which you’re just past your comfort zone and and be sure to stretch before and after all exercise.

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