3 Tips to Escape the Perfectionism Trap and Feel Good Enough

That thought was enough to drive me into what was unarguably the darkest period of my life. As a teenager I was already dealing with issues of body image, being bullied, and trying to make friends. Added to this mix, my desire to excel academically pushed me over the edge.


I cried myself to sleep. I had suicidal thoughts. I wanted to run away from home.

I rebelled against my parents. I magnified even the smallest of my mistakes and obsessed over imagined flaws in my personality. I simply wasn’t good enough.

I was constantly depressed and wouldn’t tell anyone why. This worried my parents, especially my mother. She took me to see a guru she trusted in the hope that maybe he could help me.

The guru, a kind and wise man, just asked me one question.

He said, “I don’t know what troubles you have and you need not tell me, but let me tell you that at your age life is relatively simple. Life is going to get more complicated and the roles you will have to play more demanding. If this is how you are now, how will you handle what is to come?”

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