30 Famous Movie Lines You Can Use to Woo a Guy or Gal

Movies are a treasure trove of witty one-liners and elaborate words you can use in the context of romance. Check out our list of the best ones!

Some guys don’t know all the right things to say, but even if they don’t, they might know a few right things to say, and sometimes, more often than not, that’s also enough.

I happen to be a sucker for great quotes, and I tend to fall in love with a song not because of the melody, but because of the lyrics. There is nothing more romantic than hearing someone tell you something that only sounds like it was taken right out of a movie.

Just like in matters of love and relationships, if you know there are some things that always work like a charm, why wouldn’t you use them on your guy or gal? With that said, romantic movie quotes are things we know would often work. We know they work because those same lines managed to pull on our heartstrings when we watched them.

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