5 Signs a Marketer Lacks Emotional Intelligence


Give Them Value Instead

Instead of letting the end task of selling overshadow the needs of the customer, practice creating content that caters to them.

This involves listening carefully to those in your space, then specifically creating content that is valuable to them.

Value comes from addressing a prospect’s specific needs. Maybe they tell you on their own, maybe you read their social feeds, perhaps you even ask them about their needs.

Help them solve their problems with both your content and your offering. By doing this, you’re creating a relationship where you provide something of value to them.

We’re Digitally Insensitive

In person, it is easy to know when to stop talking. You read the body language of the person you are speaking with. If they start to shift around, look away, or glaze over, you know that it’s time to switch the topic or stop talking entirely.

Getting that feedback is harder in the digital realm. You have to watch for more subtle signs like lack of engagement, and hope you catch those early signs before you lose a lead entirely.

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