50 Cute Things to Call Your Boyfriend to Create Intimacy

Calling your boyfriend pet names may sound romantic to you, but it isn’t always for them. Here are 50 cute things to call your boyfriend that work.

What isn’t cute about what a girl calls her boyfriend? Well, I suppose it depends on who you ask. Some words strike guys the right way, and others turn them off completely. Nicknames can be cute, but they can also sound like nails on a chalkboard to a guy who thinks they are embarrassing.

Don’t be that girl who calls her boyfriend something that will make other guys call him names. Pick something cute, but not embarrassing, to create intimacy in your relationship. Having cute names for each other can be the catalyst for enhancing your relationship, but it also has the potential to make him want to run screaming like the house is on fire.

Try one of these 50 cute things to call your boyfriend

The key to finding the thing that makes him smile is knowing who he is and what he wants. If he is a guy that is okay with putting your relationship out there for display, then using a nickname is fair game in any instance. However, if he is more of a “guy’s guy,” he may prefer that whatever name you find for him be kept between the two of you.

That means that you should only use it in private and when no one else is around to hear. In fact, sometimes the things that are secret to only the two of you can be like an inside joke. It can become some of the glue that binds you.

#1 Handsome. Handsome is one of those old-school words that we just don’t use very much anymore. Being replaced by “hot,” handsome can make your guy feel more like an old spice type than an “Axe” one.

#2 His first initial only. There is something cute about shortening his name. But, instead of using the first few letters, or putting a twist on them, just use the first letter initial. If his name is James, simply call him “J.” Short and sweet, there isn’t anything embarrassing about that!

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