50 Cute Things to Call Your Boyfriend to Create Intimacy

#3 Darling. Again, an oldie but a goodie. Darling lets him know he is dearest to your heart. This may not be too unique, but it is still one of those perfectly cute things to call your boyfriend.

#4 Everything. If he is everything to you, let him know in one simple word.

#5 Hotness. If getting close to him makes you feel hot and bothered, then hotness is the perfect thing to call him.

#6 Good looking. Good looking is something cute that will catch his attention, say it once, or make that your special name for him.

#7 Hun. Honey is the old-fashioned name for your mate. Hun is a shorter version and won’t remind him of the “honey do” list that comes after a commitment.

#8 Lips. If your lips crave his and sometimes you just want to sit around and watch them as he talks, call him lips so he knows how hot those smackers are.

#9 Ironman. Even if he is no athlete, if he is as strong as iron, Ironman is the perfect thing to call him. This is a different version of cute things to call your boyfriend.

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