7 Reasons Women Don’t Understand Men’s Communication Style

#2 Men don’t feel the need to divulge their every thought. “How was your day, honey?” she asked. “It was good. And yours?” he replied. She then went into detail about every aspect of her day: who said what in the office, what she had for lunch, and even what was on the radio on the way home.

Women can get so confused at a man’s response to such a simple question because it’s not the way we would answer it. We don’t understand that a man doesn’t want to spend time reliving his day. He probably just wants to kick back, relax, and not worry about it.

As women, we may take this as a sign that he is upset about something that happened and doesn’t want to talk about it—or worse, that he’s hiding something from us. But honestly, ladies, he probably just had a good day, with nothing significant that went down.

#3 Men don’t like to talk when they’re upset. This is probably the biggest difference between the genders that may have the biggest impact. If men have a bad day or if something is wrong, they just want to be left alone. They don’t like to put their problems on someone else and try to get feedback on how they should react.

Women don’t understand this, because we want to know everything so we can try to make it better. If you’re distant or quiet when we’re trying to talk to you, we will assume that it’s something that we did and will thus become upset ourselves. We just don’t get why someone would want to suffer alone.

#4 Men hardly ever ask questions. Women don’t get this for a lot of reasons, the most prevalent being: “How could you not have questions about the 50 things we just talked your ear off about? Did you understand everything, or were you just not listening?”

Women look for clarity in conversation. Who’s this person? Why did you do that? What happened after that? Men just listen *some of the time* and take it all in, not really wanting many details. This is so wildly different than how women communicate, and that’s why there can be a such a large disconnect between men and women during a conversation.

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