8 Important Ways to Avoid Being Cheated On… Again

#2 Don’t be so quick to date. The thrill of falling fast and hard for someone new is as exciting as dating gets. It’s a warm, fuzzy feeling when you find yourself thinking you’re in love with the one that’s perfect for you. But the reality is that you can’t truly know someone in a week, in a month, not even necessarily in a year. Sometimes, you find out you never really knew them in the first place.

If you have been cheated on by someone that you fell hard and fast for, one way to not make the same mistake again is by taking things a little slower. For starters, don’t rush into a relationship immediately just because you start having those same warm and fuzzy feelings. What’s the hurry? Fools really do rush in!

By slowing down the love train a little, you allow yourself time to get to know someone better. You might find out you like them even more as you continue to get to know them, or maybe you find out things that you really don’t like. And if that’s the case, you’ve saved yourself from another failed relationship.

#3 Quit the games. Playing games is the opposite of honesty, and if it’s honesty that you want from your partner, you should learn to give as much as you want to take. When you don’t play games, you show maturity, and therefore, you are taken more seriously. The whole “player” shtick will only work if you’re just in it for fun and games, but if you want a relationship, it’s time to drop the games.

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