8 Ways to Make a Guy Head Over Heels Crazy about You

Is there a guaranteed way to make a man fall absolutely in love with you? You’re in luck because we’ve got 8 tried and tested ways!

You’re ready to hit the dating scene, huh? Congrats on that, lady! Whether you’re looking to hook a guy you have more-than-friendly feelings for or you want to entice a sexy stranger tonight, I think I know what question bothers you the most.

Is there a guaranteed way to blow his mind and make him crazy about you?

There’s no such thing as a “guaranteed way” to make him fall head over heels for you. There are, however, a few pointers, which, if considered and followed properly, can make your new colleague from work, or the guy you met last night at a bar fall in love with you.

How to make a new guy fall in love with you

A strong perfume and hot dress are important head-turning elements, but right now, we need stronger ammo than that. Take notes, ladies.

#1 Confidence. A smile, wit, sexy body, or some sass – what do you think you need the most to attract your man? None of them! I mean yes, your sexy body and hot dress may draw him in, but in order to make him want to attach himself to you, you need something else – confidence.

Only a confident woman knows she’s worth it. When you’re confident, you know you’re great, and what’s more important, he will see the confidence vibes around you. Let’s face it, men want to feel like they scored, like they are the luckiest dude in the room. If your attitude is self-deprecating and insecure, would he feel like he won the prize?

My point exactly.

Confidence is everything when it comes to attractiveness and sex appeal. Being super confident is great, but whatever you do…

#2 Don’t be desperate. He doesn’t want to feel like your happiness depends on him. Make sure you’re keeping everything under control because many acts caused by desperation are a turn off for men.

There are three important don’ts beside the don’t-be-desperate advice: Don’t get too drunk. Don’t dance too sexily around him. And don’t laugh excessively at the jokes he makes.

If you mention something like marriage after the first few dates, you may as well have the words “gosh, I’m so desperate for love” written on your forehead. Act like you’ve already been here before. Own the space around you like you really mean it. This way, he will be naturally attracted to you, without you having to perform magic tricks to catch his attention.

And once he notices you, it’s time for our next little trick. I present you, the vibe behind the feminine…

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