8 Ways to Make a Guy Head Over Heels Crazy about You

#3 Show poise. Did you know that attracting men is closely associated to the qualities that emanate from you? As a matter of fact, every time you come across a person you want to attract, you don’t have to try that much. It’s all about your elegant and graceful bearing. Once you show these traits in all the things you do, he will be yours.

Poise can be defined in different ways, but all explanations come to one thing: composure of manner and dignity. If you manage to radiate your worth from the very start, your man will sum you up before you even say hello. Make sure your focus is on you, and be aware of the image you’re showing in every moment. This way, it will be easier for you to create a mysterious aura and make him want to find out more about you.

The most important thing for you here is to be subtle because otherwise, you might look like you’re desperate for his attention or come on way too strong and self-absorbed.

#4 Flirt. Want to know how to cause anyone from the bartender to your new colleague to do whatever you say? With just a few flirting tips, you can have any man melting in your arms. When you see him, look his way a few times, and let him catch you in the act. Oh, and to make things clear from the beginning, look his way, don’t stare at him. There are two important rules when it comes to flirting:

– The first rule of the flirting club is to avoid being creepy.

– The second rule of the flirting club is to avoid being creepy.

Both men and women are huge fans of flirting. Some men, however, can be nervous wrecks, and thus, they might be afraid to flirt, so they wait for a sign.

So yeah, let him catch you in the act, give him a shy smile, look at him for a second or two more, and then look away. He’s already yours – he will know that you’re interested in him, which means most of your job here is done.

When flirting, make sure your body language is on point. Your moves can tell a lot of things. Use your eyes, your smile and your feminine, flirty facial expressions to your advantage, and I assure you that words won’t be needed to impress him. I know you’re at that point when all you want to do is jump him, but please, resist the urge.

We can’t talk about flirting and not mention…

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