8 Ways to Make a Guy Head Over Heels Crazy about You

#5 Eye contact. A little bird told us that nothing turns men on more than when they are sitting across a woman they are attracted to, and they are looking right into her eyes, and she’s looking back seductively. Every man wants a woman who loves challenges and is not afraid to be herself.


Want to get him to be intrigued by you? Use your eyes! He will wonder what you’re thinking, and believe me, that will drive him crazy. He loves it when you’re being you and not afraid to show it. He loves it when he’s turned on physically and mentally. He loves it when he doesn’t know what you’re thinking.

Don’t be one of those women who avoid staring into their man’s eyes. Unfortunately, some women out there believe that eye contact takes away their power, when in fact, nothing is more powerful than long and seductive eye contact.

Don’t forget, seduction starts with your eyes. But remember, seductive eye contact, not a creepy look. The two of you looking at each other at the right moment can push things forward.

#6 Be approachable. Please don’t tell me you’re one of those women who blame men for not having the initiative. We are now living in an era when the advice “be approachable” is no longer weird and new-agey. Women who are more approachable seem to glow because their body language is more inviting.

Now, if you’re surrounded by more than one or two friends, you will look less approachable because he will be scared of being rejected in front of your friends. That’s why you should give him the chance to approach you alone.

How can you do that? Offer to grab the next round of drinks for the girls. Find him in the crowd, gaze into his eyes, smile a bit, and before you know it, he will be waiting for you at the bar. Show this man that you’re confident and comfortable with him approaching you.

When he does strike a conversation with you, tell him about yourself. Opening up with him will get the ball rolling. Then ask him something about himself, because remember, the disclosure should come from both sides.

The more the two of you share, the closer you will get to each other. Plus, it will be easier for you to get to know him better. His favorite director is David Lynch? Grab some popcorn and watch Mulholland Drive tonight, girl! He enjoys the NBA? Brush up on which players are playing for which team.

Being approachable results in exchanging phone numbers. So remember to smile, laugh, compliment him sincerely, and have fun.

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