9 Healthy Relationship Habits We Mistake As Toxic

9 Healthy Relationship Habits We Mistake As Toxic

1. Not responding right away

You live your own lives! You’ve each got a million other things going on, and you shouldn’t be each others number one priority literally every single moment.

I get irritated when my clients and colleagues expect this of me as well — when they send me an email and then send me a follow up an hour or two later, asking, “did you see this? Did you respond to so-and-so?” If they violate it enough times, I will reset expectations on what an appropriate response time is, given the message.

There are half a dozen things in the queue ahead of your message for anyone’s attention, so unless it’s on fire, you do not need an immediate response.

To anyone who thinks “answering immediately” is “important” and “right” (time being dictated by whatever has come to your attention most recently, without a filtering system for discerning “do I need to take time from what else I am doing to respond to this now, or can I respond to this by EOD?”) then I’d be willing to guess you struggle with time management and how to prioritize, and probably find yourself flopping into bed at the end of the day, thinking, “wow — where does time go?”

I mean, sure, you should definitely prioritize each other in life. You should like each other that much. But that shouldn’t translate to a literal minute by minute demonstration, and it definitely shouldn’t come down to a minute by minute test.

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