9 Myths About Conception And Pregnancy That It’s Time To Stop Believing

Don’t believe everything you hear about conception and pregnancy—there are a lot of myths and misinterpretations out there that get the process of baby-making all wrong. Here are some of the worst of them.


1. COUPLES CAN MAKE A PARTICULAR SEX.I’ve heard countless theories about how to make a boy or a girl. Some include having sex in a certain position, eating a special diet, and timing sex in a particular way. None of it is confirmed by science. It’s a 50/50 chance no matter what you do because the sex of a baby is solely determined by whether the sperm has an X or a Y chromosome. The only way to produce the sex you want is by using medical intervention, for example, by doing in vitro fertilization and implanting only embryos of the sex you choose. There’s another new procedure called sperm sorting that sorts sperm by gender and injects them into the uterus via intrauterine insemination as well. Outside of those procedures, it really is up to chance.

2. YOU CAN TELL WHAT THE SEX OF THE BABY IS BY A PREGNANT WOMAN’S PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS.One myth is that if you carry low, you’re having a boy, and if you carry high, you’re having a girl. Another is that a high heart rate means girl and a lower heart rate means boy. People also think that a woman craving sweet food is having a girl, and a woman craving salty food is having a boy. Again, none of this is backed by science and there are many women, including myself, who don’t fit these myths. Every woman and every pregnancy is different. The only thing that can accurately determine a baby’s gender is an ultrasound or other prenatal screening methods done by medical professionals.

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