All Unhappy Relationships Share These 10 Traits

All Unhappy Relationships Share These 10 Traits – Are You in One?

Not recognizing the traits that all unhappy relationships have could keep us in a partnership that is bad and even damaging for our self-esteem.
It is vitally important that we learn to see these traits for what they are and understand why they are present in all unhappy relationships.


We ought to know immediately if we are in an unhappy relationship, but sometimes, because we are too invested or involved with the other person, we miss the tell-tale traits.

Here are ten traits that are present in unhappy relationships:

1. Disrespect

Everything starts from this point onwards. If your partner does not respect you, they cannot love you, nurture you, support you or go out to bat for you.

Signs to look out for are:

If your partner mocks you or puts you down in public. If they brush aside your concerns or ideas. Do all these things make you feel unvalued?

2. Jealousy

Being jealous of your partner for no reason is damaging and unhealthy. It overwhelms the relationship as one person is constantly checking up whereas the other is trying to appease.

Signs to look out for:

If you partner has you on a strict timetable, they check your phone or emails, you are constantly worried what mood they’ll be in.

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