15 Money Etiquette That Everyone Should Follow To Live Happily

“Let’s Go To Michelin Stars Restaurant”

You may be in a position to afford an expensive restaurant. But your friend may not have revealed his correct financial status to you. Your offer may encourage him to make some excuse and avoid the wonderful chance of spending time together. If you are unaware of the financial position of someone, it’s better to ask them to make a suggestion.


Michelin Stars Restaurant

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“Let’s Gift Our Boss An Expensive Watch”

Gifts that people give each other vary financially related to the degree of closeness in relationship and gifting policies of each person. Your idea of collectively gifting an expensive item may not appeal to all for your feeling may differ from others feelings towards the person. So asking everyone to shell out more money may come as an unpleasant surprise for some. It’s better to ask everyone to either contribute as per wish or jointly decide on an amount.

Gift Our Boss An Expensive Watch

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