15 Things Others Won’t Realize You Are Doing Because Of Your Constant Anxiety

They decline invitations to events even though they would like going

You’ve wanted to go for that big bash for weeks on end but when the day comes, your anxiety attack flares up with full force overwhelming you and draining you of energy. As a result, you simply stay home because you don’t want to spoil the day for others.


The next time if you have a friend suffering from anxiety and they don’t turn up for your party, just remember this.

decline invitations

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Obsessions over trivial matters

Anxious people are obsessed over trivial incidents both negative and positive and dwell on such matters for months on end. It could be a hurtful word, it could be someone looking at you in the street, it could be people who aren’t responsive to you through cell, internet or text. When you don’t get a response back, you begin to worry and wonder negative reasons assuming they are ignoring you, they may not like you anymore, they don’t want to keep in touch with you etc.

What’s more, trivial matters upset you at home because of constant irritability. You may also assume too deeply what people may tell you like a joke may be misinterpreted as intentional criticism. When work gets to much it can overwhelm you and that’s not because you are lazy, it’s because you suffer from anxiety and people should realize that.

Obsessions over trivial matters

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