41 Impressive Psychological Tricks That Can Influence Anyone

Psychological tricks to impress


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  • 14. When you are confronted with different views and want to present your own without sounding loud, you can try saying, ‘’I agree with what you are saying, But.’’ This kind of statement uses a balanced approach while handling different views.
  • 15. When you are looking to build trust, start with admitting to smaller things so that you gain the other person’s confidence. This helps in fostering a bond that would go a long way in sealing faith between the two of you so that if you were to commit a mistake, the other person would give you a patient hearing.
  • 16. When you are looking to make an impact on others and get your point across, maintaining the right body posture is important. It is good to maintain eye contact, not cross your arms and legs etc.
  • 17. When locked in an argument, take care not to lay down all your cards at once. Make it a point to save your main argument for the last and use only secondary points to stand your ground. When you find things going in your stride, flash your main argument to win.

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