Decoding Your Dude: Why Do Men Lie, and What Can You Do?

You’ve caught your man in a lie… now what? Is it just an isolated incident, or does it have more sinister implications? Read on to find out why men lie.

Most men are pretty predictable creatures. If a man is lying to you, there are usually only a handful of reasons that could explain his dishonesty. But in a relationship, a lie is like a nail in the coffin of not only the trust you share, but also the potential for a future.


The key to getting past a lie, once realized, is to understand why a man might have lied. To do that, you have to understand the process that led to the lie in the first place, and what purpose it served not to be truthful. You may think you want a guy to be honest with you, but you have to ask yourself if that’s really true deep down. If you make it nearly impossible for him to tell the truth without severe consequences, you are setting your relationship up as a no-win situation for the both of you.

So why do men lie?

While every specific situation certainly comes along with its own set of stipulations and reasons for dishonesty, there are a few very common reasons why men might decide to lie. Oftentimes, there is an underlying problem beneath the lie, and if you can dig deep enough to get to it, you may be able to understand your man’s reasoning a little better. Here are some of those hidden reasons why your man might be lying.

#1 He is afraid to be honest. If he wants to go out with the guys and you get upset or angry, then he is going to lie about it. This can be one of those times when you are setting up conditions that will ensure your man has to lie to be happy.

Men need some time to unwind and relax with their buddies, and if they aren’t ever able to do that without backlash, then you are creating a scenario in which he’ll feel trapped. If he wants to go out once in a while, let him. If you give him the opportunity to be honest without reprise, he almost always will be.

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