EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: 5 keys to procuring it and transforming human consciousness

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” This statement made by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount may very well describe the work of the emerging spiritual body on earth. We’re interested in seeing God in ourselves and in others, but as long as the heart (which refers to the emotions or feeling realm) is clogged with accusation, blame, criticism and judgment of all kinds, we can’t see clearly or live creatively.

Purification of the heart brings “emotional intelligence,” a term that has emerged in recent years to describe a condition of clarity and power in emotional expression that contributes to success in business, education, government or any area of living. It’s also a vital element of any authentic spirituality and the release of our creative potential as human beings.

David Karchere, spiritual director of Emissaries of Divine Light, wrote this in a piece entitled “Emotional Intelligence”:
A truly pure heart is an emotionally fluent heart. It’s a heart that’s emotionally intelligent. And what is emotional intelligence? Is it not being connected deeply to the power of Creation and to the Creator Himself and Herself? Isn’t it knowing that power within oneself in one’s own creatorship?
While we require emotional intelligence for effective spiritual functioning, the emotions don’t become intelligent all by themselves. Left to their own devices, the emotions may go in all kinds of directions, some of which may be destructive and produce what David calls “emotional disfluency.”

I’m governed by who I am, not what I feel

To operate properly and become intelligent, the emotions need the guidance of the conscious mind. If the conscious mind is one-pointedly centred in what Jesus called “the Father within,” then the emotions will come under control and gain intelligence.

Control is obviously the key factor in generating emotional intelligence. My emotions will come under the control of the truth of who I am (“the power of Creation”) if I make the conscious choice to be under that control.

So choice is another key factor in generating emotional intelligence. I can choose to be controlled by my emotions and potentially express something destructive, or I can choose to be faithful to the truth of who I am and express the qualities of divine character regardless of what I’m feeling. I have the power of choice.

Just because I feel deeply and passionately about something or someone doesn’t mean I’m obliged to express that emotion. If I’m governed by the Father within, I can choose to express it, not to express it or to express some modification of it, depending on the nature of the circumstance. Because I’m centred in the truth of who I am in reality, my emotions serve me without ruling me.

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