Falling Out of Love and Why It Happens to You

Do you think you’re falling out of love? Find out how you may be building yourself to failure in love and what you can do to avoid losing love.


I’m not a cynic and I’ve never been one to frown on love.

Like all the girls in the world, I’ve grown up believing in fairytales and hoping for Prince Charming to come and sweep me off my feet.

While I’ve grown up over the years, my notions of love still remain the same.

I watch romantic movies that glorify a “happily ever after” and cry shamelessly when they don’t.

But in reality, things are far from rosy and you soon learn the bitter truth about dear love.

Countless times, as a new love beckons, I’m convinced that he is “the one”, the soul mate that was created for me.

However, I soon learn that I was wrong and I’m back to square one. Again!

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