Couple’s Sleeping Position Guide: 12 Positions and What They Mean

What is the state of your relationship? A couple’s sleeping position says a lot about their relationship. Which one is yours, and what does it mean?

Remember when your mom lectured you on how important sleep is? Well, she’s been right this whole time. She probably didn’t mean it in the context of a couple’s sleeping position, but that’s open to interpretation.

You may spend every night lying beside your partner with your phone in your hand and back facing towards them or maybe you nuzzle into your partner’s shoulder, cuddling together until you fall asleep.

Believe it or not, the sleeping positions you and your partner have reveals a lot about your subconscious. In fact, while you’re sleeping, this is the time when your subconscious has full control and clearly shows you, through body-language, things that may be going on within your relationship.

And you know what? You probably don’t even notice. So, to find out what’s really going on in your relationship, off to the bedroom! I won’t be in the bedroom with you, but I’ll help guide you through the things you need to look at when sleeping next to your partner.

Couple’s sleeping position guide – What do these sleeping positions mean?

Here are the twelve most common couple’s sleeping positions and what they signify in your relationship. Don’t freak out if you sleep with your back facing your partner, it doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed.

If anything, this is a great opportunity to become more self-aware about your relationship. Let the unraveling of your subconscious begin *insert mystical music and smoke machine here*.

#1 The spoon. Ah yes, the spoon—one of the classic couple’s sleeping positions. Funny thing is, only 18% of couples actually enjoy sleeping in that position. I mean, as a female, the thought of a man draping his whole body around me for eight hours is dreadful.

But this position, also known as the “traditional position,” shows protectiveness and bonding within the relationship. Also, it’s a pretty sexual position when you look at it, so usually couples who are sexually comfortable sleep in this position.

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