Here Are Top 7 Ways To Help Your Beloved One If They Are Dealing With Anxiety

Here Are Top 7 Ways To Help Your Beloved One If They Are Dealing With Anxiety

We all want to be with someone, but sometimes there are factors out of both people’s control that push them apart from each other. One of these factors is anxiety. To no fault of the person with anxiety, it does hurt relationship. But it doesn’t have to. If the other partner knows how to help, then anxiety can actually bring the couple closer together.


We often think of flaws or mistakes as a burden on a relationship. Instead we should think of them as an opportunity for the couple to grow together. They can achieve healing, health and happiness as they work to understand or build each other up.

Here are seven ways to help your sweetheart if they are dealing with anxiety.

Stop asking them if they are OK

They need to get through this and they need your support and action instead of you waiting on them to come up with answers. Part of the reason they are having the attack is they are feeling unsure of what to do – give them options. Offer to take them on a walk, give them water, go out to eat or simply stay home and talk.

Show them you care and are willing to talk it through without making them feel like they are in a corner and forced to tell their insecurities.

Understand they get tired

This probably happens more often than they (and you) want it to. Jake Mcspirit says, “Anxiety causes people to live in hyper-tense states. They are always on alert, their mind is very rarely settled, and their body is always ready to fight or flight. With the hypertension comes fatigue.”

Go to bed with them or hold them in your arms and watch a show together. You can still do things together at home instead of going out.

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